Using Twine Intro + Variables

I want to learn how to create a simple web browser game. Finding Twine I discovered a away to play with html that isn’t too complicated as I have 2 Weeks to work with it.

Following the tutorials by user VegetarianZombie on YouTube, I’ve created a demo game following his narrative.

The aim is just to follow along, and learn how to create so that I can apply this to my own work.

Screenshot - 10_06_2015 , 3_30_23 p

This is what the initial page looks like. An interesting part about twine is that you can save within your browser.

Although you can save your project as a file, and it’s probably a good idea when finishing for the day.

Screenshot - 10_06_2015 , 3_31_17 p.m

The structure looks like this. Each box represents a page of text. To go through to the next page you add a [[ ]] to the box with text you want to sprout pages from. If you want to change the name of the new page from the text in the [[ ]], then you add a | beside it. For example:

[[“Go Home” | This is you’re home]]

Screenshot - 10_06_2015 , 3_30_57 p.m

To add variables/numbers you can change, you structure it like (set: $theamount to 1) on the starting page.

Screenshot - 10_06_2015 , 3_41_19 p.m
Then you would add $theamount to where the number would be generated.

Screenshot - 10_06_2015 , 3_31_10 p.m
Then you go on the page the actives the count of the number and set the addition or subtraction. For example (set $theamount to $theamount + 1)

And that was the first two tutorials. Here is the think to the playlist:


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