Twine: Conditions, Datamaps and Dynamic Links.

So far I’ve learnt the basics of navigating through Twine. How to create new passages, how to record the amount of times the passage is visited, how to send a player back and forth through the game, how to display a text only once and how to create an inventory.

For my game, I’m keeping in mind that I can create an inventory but I don’t think it’ll be necessary to add until the end if I have enough time.

I think I might add to the game an instance where if you travel to a place a large amount of times the game will ask if you’re okay. So if some ones just roaming around then the game will notice.

Random Intro text that dissapearsThis is the Harlowe code (Harlowe is the format style i’m using for the game) I used for creating text that’s only displayed when you first enter the passage. I’m not entirely sure what i’m going to write there yet. I’m hoping that further research will spark my ideas up again.

I learnt how to use dynamic links which can be used to send a player back to where they had just come from, instead of using a hard coded link. It looks something like (set: $variable to “whatever passage”), but I’ve found it’s a lot more trouble than its worth.

Screenshot - 14_06_2015 , 9_41_29 p.m

This is how you would manipulate a text to reveal another after you’ve clicked it. So in the game I want the player to make a decision to walk away, then I want to ask them “are you sure?” Giving them a chance to change their mind or stick to their guns. in this document is everything i’m trying to process right now basically. Right now i’m focusing on Macros and navigating the player through the game. Next I’ll be looking into the appearance and layout.


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