Twine: HTML, CSS and Java Script.

Screenshot - 15_06_2015 , 12_16_03 a.mI’m slowly getting through the HTML coding. It’s not really difficult just time consuming. I’ve played with basic things like <hr> puts a line in below or above text<h3>Text</h3> Creates bold text Etc. Mainly used this website as a resource for that:

I found out how to add images, which is great. Now I can start on the Art Works “<img src=”” width=”” height=”” alt=””> to add a url”

To really get the design I wanted I had to go into the CTRL SHIFT i = development tools for the web browser, but as soon as I got the hang of it it’s pretty much been all go from there.

Screenshot - 15_06_2015 , 2_38_47 a.m

Now that I know how to change fonts, positions and behavior I can focus on the rest of the research. Then it shouldn’t take long from there to get the two levels up and running. I just now have to make the art work, write the script and adjust the behavior of the game to fit them. If I have time i’ll add some appropriate new mechanics too.


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