New Zealand Mental Health Statistics


  • About 47% of New Zealanders will experience a mental illness and/or addiction at some time in their life.
  • 1 in 5 people effected within one year.
  • Approximately 500 New Zealanders die by suicide every year.
  • 40% of those were diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
  • In an Australia study Nearly 1 in 4 people felt depression was a sign of personal weakness and would not employ a person with depression.
  • One in 5 said that if they had depression they wouldn’t tell anyone.

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Kognito – Creators of “At-Risk”

On the Games for Change website I came across a game with the similar objective of removing the stigmas of Mental Health. “At Risk” is a simulation game that teaches educators about Mental Health and Mental Health Stigmas. So I looked further into its developer Kognito.

Kognito was established in 2003 by co-founders Ron Goldman, CEO and Glenn Albright, Ph.D., director of applied research. Based in New York Kognito’s team is made up of 35 full-time leading experts, psychologists, instructional designers, graphic designers, marketing and sales professionals, researchers and software engineers.

Kognito focuses on immersive learning experiences that drive positive change in health behaviors. They have have created several award winning games based on academic science-proven research and are implemented in community colleges, public and private colleges, universities and online institutions.

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