Map Creation Guidelines


Single Player


Oculus Rift PC


1690s European Village

Witch Trials

Mystery, Discovery and Difficult Choice.


Explore and discover how it truly was.

Map copy

The player slowly walks through the environment and along the way discovers concerning behavior of the towns people through the objects they come across.

The map is small, with three buildings available to enter.

Target Audience 15-30 year old male and female.

The inclusion of an oculus rift with a real time burning on the stake mechanic.



1690s Historically based horror map. Displayed at night with full 360 degree design for oculus rift.




The atmosphere is dark and eerie.

Exploration will be rewarded with increased tension in the atmosphere.

The player will be directed with atmospheric lighting and sound.

I want to focus on the atmosphere at most, then the mechanics.

The trademark of the level will be the burning.

The custom content will be the textures, and the historical building and structure models.


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