Designing for Virtual Reality

Designing to Minimize Simulation Sickness in VR Games:

Porting Games to Virtual Reality:

An awesome game dev friend linked me these talks on Virtual Reality, Although i’m still getting through the Designing to Minimize Simulation Sickness, I can talk about Porting Games into Virtual Reality.

What I got mostly from the talk is that just chucking any old game into Virtual Reality is not going to cut it. Games need to be designed and molded by the Virtual Reality experience. But how? that’s what I need to find out. Designing to minimize motion sickness is the first matter of business, keeping in mind the talk which said that the most natural movement as possible will decrease the amount of motion sickness. Then after that i’m not too sure, I need to find more articles on Designing for Virtual Reality.

I can answer the why though. Because the player can look 360 degrees around the environment. The movement and atmosphere needs to be realistically moving in a way that’s comfortable for the player. The idea is to immerse the player, so the experience can’t feel fake or uncomfortable.


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