Plan for the setting – further research ideas

Creating the base environment/ ‘feel’ of a 1690s Salem Village

Research will be required for the representation of historical culture and physiological concerns of the witch trial era. The major case study will be the Salem witch trials. It will be following the writings of Cotton Mather who was an infamous ‘witch hunter’ in the 1690s. It will also follow the story of Tituba, an accused witch who was rumoured to have started the Witch Trial “craze” in Salem town by telling tribal stories to her Masters daughters. Although focused on the particular town the environment will be a representation of the witch trials as a whole, and will include elements from earlier and later trials.

The setting will be a 1690s European town. The player will start in an outlying forest during the night and will be guided towards the town by atmospheric lighting. As the player slowly progresses they will start to notice highlighted anomalies that suggest tension within the town, (for example hateful words and threats being carved on doors.) The player is then encouraged to stay hidden. As the player walks further along the path the environment becomes more uncomfortable as deadly and torturous structures for the punishment of witchcraft are discovered.

There will be three main buildings, a church, court house and jail. Within these places there will be evidence of the witch trials based off true events with some intractable objects. At the end of the path there will be a witch burning that you are able to walk towards. If you come within sight of the towns’ people you will be accused of being a witch and will be given the choice to confess and name another witch or plead innocent and be burnt alive. Research for fire particle effects will be required.


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