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A convicted witch would be ‘pilloried’ before awaiting their trail or being sent to a jail – the idea was to expose the convicted witch to the towns people and sometimes would be sent to other towns for them to be aware of their witchcraft crimes.  I decided to add it to my scene as one of the first objects you see. I feel like it sets the mood and acts as a subtle warning to passers-by.

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I added the Graveyard because there were stories about witches stealing items for their potions. It is also a representation of death, and how it was open and displayed in those times. If there’s anything to learn from back then, is that death was common and very much a daily part of life. The graveyards also hold the purpose of displaying the year to the players.

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I included a gallows because hanging was a large part of the trials.DSC00460 I placed it in the centre of town because many people would crowd around to watch the hanging. I didn’t include the rope to not only censor the game but because it would have taken far too long to model for such a small detail. Although even the suggestion of a hanging is enough to get the idea across. The environment is supposed to represent death, which a gallows fits perfectly. Although there is no rope, I added a sound trigger that will bring the object to life.
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1690s Clutter

In the scene, there are a couple of instances where I needed to fill space. I decided to use outdoor manual labour tools, as they won’t feel out of place in the dark and also can remind the player of the time-frame that they are in.



The bonfire is placed to represent the witch burnings that resulted because of the witch trials. It was a terrible part of the witch trial era and is there at the end of the scene to represent the widespread, out of control growth of the witch trials throughout America, Europe and the world.


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