Play Testing in the Oculus Rift

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Working with the oculus rift I’ve found is a lot about testing. The oculus changes the settings lighting drastically which affected my game numerous times. At one point, I felt motion sickness just taking it on and off testing it for lighting.

On the plus side, the game itself doesn’t cause motion sickness. Because the lights are only allowing the play to focus on a few things at a time – it seems for some reason to help the game be easier to use and cause less motion sickness. A game feature I never intended on but are lucky to have – especially since I’m personally very prone to motion sickness.

Testing the oculus out at the Armageddon Expo was a huge success. I wasn’t able to keep track of the feedback the entire time – but from what I did hear apparently it was well received. It was definitely too dark, which is what lead me to further testing.

Link to video: