Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Immersion

To create immersion for the scene I needed to add movement and sound. I explored how I can use code to move objects and create triggered objects.

Capture_11The movement was a lot easier than expected for the environment objects. Unity created public options such as the ‘wind’ effect to be able to manipulate and animate trees and grass. The only struggle I found was creating movement through the lighting and smoke. While the trees and grass moved, I wanted the smoke and lights to breathe.

Programming the Light Movement: Error

Capture_14For the lights I ran into issues when trying to animate them with code. As I’m not an advanced programmer I was hoping to use the default code to create flickering lights, but unfortunately the Unity engine had other ideas. This error came up when implementing it. At first I thought it was an error with the new Global illumin
ation feature
in the new update of Unity 5.1 I was working with, where some of the light doesn’t show up where its suppose to due to the reflection bounces.

Although after a long time of scrolling through the internet’s question and answer sites I discovered that the issue actually comes from Unity not being able to implement reflection bounces on spot and point lights. So when the code was applied the light just didn’t work at all.

Programming the Light Movement: Solutions

Capture_17The first solution I tried was to change the light mode to a directional light so that the code would work. Unfortunately that had harsh negative effects on my scene:

The lights flickered, but the directional light not only effected the entire environment no matter how small the intensity but i
t also entirely changed the mood of the scene. So I had to think of something else.

The next thing I could think of to do was change the code, create an entire new one. The idea of it was terrifying but a great learning curve.