Beneath Floes

Free: Web Page. Kick Starter


Beneath Floes is a webpage illustrated interactive fiction. It’s centered around Inuit history and tradition. You follow a script with artwork and music, passing through by clicking the highlighted words. Some words highlighted when clicked can change the story to fit your personal interpretation, you can also interact with the artwork.


This is the first history teaching game I’ve come across. It’s in depth, with hidden meanings and cryptic metaphors that unravel as you come towards the end. The story telling aesthetic was soothing. The music, art style and pace made me feel like I was in bed being read a story, or as if I was in a dream. The relaxing aesthetic was what kept the game engaging.

By the time I realized the game was teaching me something, I had already learnt it. That’s what to me, makes this game an effective serious game.



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