Depression Quest

Free: PC,Mac. Conflict and Depression.


Depression Quest is a interactive fiction experience walking you through the mind of a person with depression. It includes five different endings depending on the players choices.

The player is given a story through each day of the week and a list of interactions. The ‘sensible’ or ‘sociable’ options are shown but unable to choose. The environment and the narrative changes, representing the level of depression at the time. Moving into a grayer and more static-filled environment with distorted sounds.


ss2-634x288The game was emotionally hard to play, but the interface and guide was easy to understand. It shows the frustrations and constraints of a person living with depression. It shows the self consciousness, unease and worry a person can have with their condition when left  un-diagnosed. The simple mechanic of showing an option but leaving it un-available shows distinctly the self awareness of the condition, and mostly the frustration. Asking yourself ‘why can’t I just be normal?’ throughout the experience.

It’s not a game i’d play again, but I learnt quite a bit about depression. Which was the goal of the experience, so it was very effective. It would be something that could be easily developed into a mobile game experience.


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