Free: IOS, Android17th Annual Webby Awards (Official Honoree in Games category)


Uplifted is a mobile platform game/experience about being happy and appreciating your life. It has a short narrative about a ‘faraway land of Happ’ that was attacked by ‘Viroids’ who brought doom, gloom and destruction.

Its a puzzle solving game, where new challenges are added as you progress. At the end of each level the player is asked three questions about  their personal happiness, such as “Who is the most important person in your life?” The goal of this is as the player progresses, they ‘recover’ some of their own happiness.

The game promotes positive feelings by giving the player an opportunity reflect on the positive things in their lives. The game saves these answers so that the player can review them later in categories such as ‘Anticipation, Strengths, and Gratitude.’


I played this game while surrounded by a bunch of my close friends. The girls were instantly interested in downloading the game themselves, the boys ignored it. It’s a cute game, and iv’e played almost half of it.

I think the aesthetic music, art and design is perfect for the atmosphere they’re going for. It feels tranquil. And the encouragement to self reflect is an amazing game mechanic for social science. It’s what takes this from a game to a serious and beneficial experience.

My favorite part is the ‘Positome’ where you keep all your answers under categories. Its design is inviting, and I can see how it can easily be used to brighten somebodies mood instantly.

I was really impressed with this game. It taught me that mechanics such as ‘asking questions’ can really impact the messages and intentions of the game and have real meaning.


Uplifted-iPhone1 Uplifted-iPhone4 Uplifted-iPhone5Uplifted-iPhone3

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