Free: PC. Association of Zoos and Aquariums 2010 Education Award Winner


WolfQuest is a PC simulation wildlife game where you play as a wolf in a realistic environment based in real topographic maps. It can be online with other players or offline. Players have to find balance individual and pack needs to increase the ability to hunt, defend territory and avoid danger.


There are many similar wildlife simulation games for other animals, for example I have seen a beaver one before and there’s a bird one out there too that I know of. They’re all pretty similar with the mechanics and athletic. The difference between them is what you learn, which is why I thought it would be a good game to talk about. Each game is pretty much the same thing but it’s the over-all experience and what you take away from the game that matters. You learn how a wolf survives in our world in a memorable way, whether that information is valuable can be debated but if you ever needed to know this game would defiantly help.

images wolfquest-amethyst-mountain-35 wolfquest-amethyst-mountain-39 Wolf_quest3


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