How to Embed Serious Games in Formal Education

“Thus we argue that, to understand the future of learning, we should be looking beyond schools to the emerging arena of video games.” -Shaffer, Squire, Halverson & Gee

As technology and devices advance there is more and more talk about embedding Game Based Learning into formal education. Although it may be more effective for learning and ultimately more convenient for the long term, in the mean time we are stuck with multiple constraints. If we were to embed Serious Games in most Formal Education we must push through the what seems like a grueling start-up.

To further embed Serious Games in formal education we first need to asses it’s weaknesses. There are concerns about using leisure games like the physical and cost barriers, how much hardware is needed, licences, I.T support, and training tutors. Also if tutors aren’t educated properly in the difference between good and bad Game Based Learning games then it could hinder the learners experience. There is also the issue of the learning outcomes being lost in ‘play’ to a significant degree. To continue to further Serious Games in formal education we need to overcome these barriers.

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