Against All Odds

Free: PC, Mac. Education and Conflict



Against All Odds is an RPG refugee experience involving the player in a scenario where people are forced to leave their countries of origin to the beginning of their new life abroad. The player is given a series of choices in which the player has been told with determine your ‘fate’.

There are three short scenarios you are given that exhibits the complexity and danger of a refugee experience. One involving fleeing the country, one involving adapting into a another countries education system another adapting to another countries social society and culture.


I found that the military based scenario was the most enjoyable. Thinking about why that is, I think it’s because the other scenarios seemed more frightening to me. I would personally hate to ever be in an educational environment where I can’t speak or understand the language. So it really made me think.

Those scenarios never crossed my mind before, and the mechanic where you are given choices on what you can do really involved me in the issue. Its a short and sweet experience but it hits hard. Making you empathize and be aware of this social issue of war. I would gladly continue to play more of this game if more of it was created. Mostly because I want to know more about the experience, and I enjoyed learning about it.




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